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Kim Symock

Reiki Master/Teacher

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Services & Hours

Hours of Operation
~ Sessions: available between 10:00am-7:00pm, Tuesday-Saturday (days/times are negotiable if your schedule is less flexible)
~ Calls are answered/returned between the hours of 10:00am & 6:00pm.
Emails are accepted 24 hours a day.

Reiki Sessions
$75, 1 hour treatment (recommended for 1st visit)
$45, 30 minute treatment

 The session begins with a brief consultation where we discuss any issues you'd like to address, as well as any goals you may have for treatment. Next, you will make yourself comfortable either on the massage table or in a chair, remaining fully clothed throughout the session. Relaxing music is played to set the space. Using light touch, or no touch at all if you prefer, I use my hands to scan your entire body, looking for any changes in your energy. Using my hands, I focus the Reiki energy to remove any blockages and balance any "unbalanced" areas. People report many different sensations during Reiki treatments and they are all normal (including heat, a cooling effect, tingling, a sense of moving, buzzing, etc). Afterwards, we can discuss anything I noticed or sensed during the session, and you can share any experiences you may have had or any questions about the session.
***Please bring an extra pair of clean socks to put on during the session and dress comfortably in something you'd be comfortable lying down in.

Reiki with Crystals
$75, 1 hour treatment (recommended for 1st visit)
$45, 30 minute treatment
If you choose, your treatment can include crystals as well. Specific crystals are placed in specific areas around, and sometimes on, your body. Certain crystals are believed to carry, and emit, different types of energies. They can assist in the clearing & balancing aspects of treatment. It is also believed that specific crystals can aid in healing certain ailments/symptoms. The rest of this session is the same as a regular Reiki session.

Distance Reiki Session
$65, 60 minute treatment
$40, 30 minute treatment
This method of Reiki is virtually the same as an in-person treatment, with the exception that it is done from my office, while you are in your own home or going about your day. First, we will have a brief phone consultation about any questions/requests. I will set aside time as if it were an in-person appointment & focus the Reiki energy on you as if you were there in front of me. We can either make an appointment that works with your schedule so you can meditate or sit in the Reiki energy as I perform your treatment, or you can go about your day while I send you healing energy. Afterwards, we can discuss over the phone anything I noticed during your session, along with any questions you may have or things you experienced during the treatment.

Volunteer Services Offered:
~ In-hospital services by private request
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